Friday, February 21, 2014


Last spring all of my bird loving dreams came true and I became a mother to 5 little chicks.  They quickly grew up to be 2 Roosters and 3 little hens.  They are a fancy small breed of chicken, the smooth feathered ones are called "sizzles" and the puffy ones are called Silkies. I'll be a proud mama and share pictures of my bebes:

when they were young

the Alpha rooster

other rooster

"La Prietita"

"La Chiquita"

"La Blanquita Tontita"

I'm also kinda proud of my coop:

Anyway, I had daydreamed for a long time about having chickens.  It's easy to spend time wanting something and then not soaking it in once you have it.  So yeah, I realized I was wasting my life not drawing my chickens.  So I made a point to try to draw them more, it's an especially nice way to relax and start my day.

the flock

flirty little lady with the two roosters

food times

ladies man with the two little ladies

loser roo and alpha roo

I enjoy having a group of animals.  Their different personalities are extra clear when you see them interact within their chicken microcosm. The pecking order naturally works itself out and the drama unfolds.  Days spent watching chickens coupled with nights watching telenovelas with my grandmother led to the natural conclusion, that I had my own novela taking place in my backyard.  With that said, I bring you, the opening installment of:


(forgive my Spanish, I'm new at this)

And also, I recommend listening to this while you continue, for optimal viewing experience

EL GALLO INDOMABLE decides to cut things off with his lover, 
"We can't go on like this," --", don't tell me this nonsense!" cries his lover

"Although I found happiness here at your side, we won't see each other again."
---"but my heart remains at your side"


How can you abandon me?  DON'T GO AWAY!

the little hen laments her lost love, "I feel so lonely without you, without your love, without your caresses, without your feathers between mine"  (I know, super steamy)

And then the rooster man starts moving on
where there had been friendship, EL GALLO INDOMABLE found beauty

EL GALLO found himself between two loves


the silly little hen tells her love interest, that she is expecting his child

but suspicion arises, who will be the real dad?
Loser Roo doesn't think he's the father, "It's not my child! You deceived me!"  and the poor little hen cries, "No! I swear, I never was unfaithful to you"
She continues, "that she never ever was the lover of that GALLO INDOMABLE" but the GALLO's ladies cluck back, "LIAR" What a shameless hen!"
and the GALLO INDOMABLE confirms that he never loved that silly little hen.

and that concludes my first installment of PASION DEL GALLO INDOMABLE.  Thanks for tuning in, for real time episodes follow my instagram:

crazy chicken lady


Cascabel said...

Ja ja ja... I like so much your chickens. You have had a great idea for use your chickens for drawing a telenovela. Very original.
I'm sorry, but my English is very bad.
Un saludo from Spain.

Brooke Olivares said...

SOOO good!!

Annlyn Huang said...

Oh, what beautiful chickens!! You picked a great cast for the telenovela and such a cute idea!
This super mega chicken post totally made my day

Kristen said...

Be still my heart.. this is the greatest post! I've always wanted chickens, and I adore that you're making a telenovela about them, omg <3 More, please!!