Monday, April 07, 2014

People I don't talk to anymore

Recently I was sorting through my things in my old bedroom at my parents house.  I found a nice box of scraps, old letters, mood rings, and trinkets from my friends from grade school.  I found this letter from my first best friend.  

She told me how we’d all be best friends forever.


I thought about all the people that pass through our lives, some just for a season.  They leave you with memories, teach you something, share in some part of the story of your life. Sometimes those people do stay with you forever, and even when they don’t maybe a little part of them does. Nowadays with the internet its not too hard to find old faces and friends and stay in touch, but it's also easy to not actually talk to people anymore. I felt inspired to start a little project to try to remedy that a bit; a journey through memory and hopefully a chance to reconnect with some good people. 

This goes out to all the people that have passed through my life and brought a smile or story :)

to all the wonderful people
and to some hazy faces of classmates forgotten

so coming soon: old school classmates, unconquered middle school romances, and neighborhood bullies. (if you're in any of my old yearbooks, consider yourself warned :) )

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Friday, March 07, 2014

2nd episode of EL GALLO INDOMABLE

New Life.
Beautiful Little Babe is born

Mama serenades her baby, "You are my dream of gold, my only are my angel from heaven, my only comfort"

When she is interrupted...

By her true love loser rooster, demanding, "I WANT TO SEE YOUR DAUGHTER"

myyy daughter?
Protective mama explodes, "MY DREAM OF GOLD? MY ONLY TREASURE? THAT YOU REJECTED?? The one that you said WASN'T YOUR CHILD!!!???"

that daughter?
"You're not going to meet her, and it's BEST YOU GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!"

(these two again)
lonely heart hen tells her man, " I can't get near you without wanting you more"

"You know that I love you, right?"
"I think I love you too" :)

with that said, El Gallo Indomable wraps things up, "All right then, I'm going to leave you"

then the lonely heart hen totally loses it
"I hope that you know how much I miss you.
How I'm dying to have you next to me, to see you, to talk to you, to kiss you.

But hey, El Gallo Indomable has responsibilities

"I'm going to be a dad"
he declares

So he finds the mama hen and demands:
"I want to see my son."

 Mama hen is annoyed and tells him:

"You know darn well, that my daughter isn't yours.  You've never touched me or even kissed me."

but then El Gallo Indomable boats:
"When the hens hear my song, 
they get pregnant ;)"

Friday, February 21, 2014


Last spring all of my bird loving dreams came true and I became a mother to 5 little chicks.  They quickly grew up to be 2 Roosters and 3 little hens.  They are a fancy small breed of chicken, the smooth feathered ones are called "sizzles" and the puffy ones are called Silkies. I'll be a proud mama and share pictures of my bebes:

when they were young

the Alpha rooster

other rooster

"La Prietita"

"La Chiquita"

"La Blanquita Tontita"

I'm also kinda proud of my coop:

Anyway, I had daydreamed for a long time about having chickens.  It's easy to spend time wanting something and then not soaking it in once you have it.  So yeah, I realized I was wasting my life not drawing my chickens.  So I made a point to try to draw them more, it's an especially nice way to relax and start my day.

the flock

flirty little lady with the two roosters

food times

ladies man with the two little ladies

loser roo and alpha roo

I enjoy having a group of animals.  Their different personalities are extra clear when you see them interact within their chicken microcosm. The pecking order naturally works itself out and the drama unfolds.  Days spent watching chickens coupled with nights watching telenovelas with my grandmother led to the natural conclusion, that I had my own novela taking place in my backyard.  With that said, I bring you, the opening installment of:


(forgive my Spanish, I'm new at this)

And also, I recommend listening to this while you continue, for optimal viewing experience

EL GALLO INDOMABLE decides to cut things off with his lover, 
"We can't go on like this," --", don't tell me this nonsense!" cries his lover

"Although I found happiness here at your side, we won't see each other again."
---"but my heart remains at your side"


How can you abandon me?  DON'T GO AWAY!

the little hen laments her lost love, "I feel so lonely without you, without your love, without your caresses, without your feathers between mine"  (I know, super steamy)

And then the rooster man starts moving on
where there had been friendship, EL GALLO INDOMABLE found beauty

EL GALLO found himself between two loves


the silly little hen tells her love interest, that she is expecting his child

but suspicion arises, who will be the real dad?
Loser Roo doesn't think he's the father, "It's not my child! You deceived me!"  and the poor little hen cries, "No! I swear, I never was unfaithful to you"
She continues, "that she never ever was the lover of that GALLO INDOMABLE" but the GALLO's ladies cluck back, "LIAR" What a shameless hen!"
and the GALLO INDOMABLE confirms that he never loved that silly little hen.

and that concludes my first installment of PASION DEL GALLO INDOMABLE.  Thanks for tuning in, for real time episodes follow my instagram:

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tatar Times

Something I enjoy about living with my grandmother is been spending time with my extended family when they come to visit.  It's nice seeing this little old house fill up with family and food.  Here are some summer memories and moments from times spent with "the Tatars". Had some of these in my head for a little while,  and this week seems like an appropriate time to finish up! Thankful for the Tatars! BESOS


Training with Zack
cuz teaches me how to get "AESTHETIC"  during late night gym tips

Friday, November 22, 2013

CTNX 2013 Caricatures

Had a great time in LA for CTN this year!  Met a lot of great people and got to catch up with good friends.  Here are some of this year's caricatures!  Thanks to all the models, you're all beautiful!

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